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About Us


Musclefactory was born at the beginning of the Millennium and our ethos right from the very start was to provide our customers the very best service for their money.

As well as being a comprehensive web shop and mail order provider we also have bricks and mortar stores within Lincolnshire, England.

In 2012, after 10 years of bringing other manufacturers products to market we took the decision to create a bespoke set of products, with an ingredient profile that we would want in our own nutritional supplements. We have a passion for the sports supplement market because we are sports supplement devotees ourselves.

Our love for the industry was not borne out from a university degree in marketing, it was born and still lives in the gym. That’s why you won’t see a swish advertising or marketing campaign associated with any of our products. If you buy your supplements by the look of their pretty packaging or because the name is emblazoned on the back of a formula one car then we are not for you. If you buy your products by turning them around and looking at the full ingredient profile then we are well matched. We think long and hard about what ingredients we put in every one of our products and 20 years in the industry gives us a fair idea of what our customers want to see in our products.